Adult Kickball


    The 2016 season will begin soon. All games will be played at Island Park diamond on Monday evenings. Teams can reserve fields for practice starting August 1, 2016. Practice permit fee is $5.00.

    Fall Kickball 2016
    Player Card

    Additional player fee is $22.00 per person. Additional players maybe added anytime. Players may sign-up and play on ONLY 1 kickball team.

    Manager's Handbook

    StandingsAdult Fall Kickball Standings 10/24/16

    Schedules: Managers will receive a hard copy of the schedules and rosters when they are available. Team players can view the schedules on the Cancellations and Schedules page.


    • Program supervisor will set up bases and provide the ball for game.
    • She/He will NOT BE AN OFFICIAL; you must officiate your own game!

    Coed Kickball Rules 2016:  The rules listed below are the basic rules for the PRCS Kickball League.  Please see Kickball Rule sheet for additional rules.

    • Teams must officiate their own games.
    • All individuals playing in this league must have a signed player release card on file at the PRCS Office.  Teams who use a player that is not on file with the office are subject to being suspended from the league.
    • Teams fielding 10 individuals must alternate “woman, man, woman, man” on the field. Teams may start with 4 women and 4 men.  For teams of 9, the additional player MUST be a woman.
    • Kicking order: man, woman, man, woman or woman, man, woman, man.  Man must substitute for a man and a woman for a woman.

    PostponementsNo postponements are allowed.

    ForfeitsA team is only allowed two (2) forfeits a season and must pay a $25.00 forfeit fee in order to resume play in the league.  A team will be dropped from the league after the second occurrence.

    Make-Up GamesGames that have been cancelled due to weather will be played on Thursday of that week, unless otherwise informed by PRCS.  Location may be differentthan league site.

    Managers are responsible for knowing the rules regarding: Eligibility, Residency, Registration, Transfers, Forfeits, Postponements, Protests, and  the conduct of their team/players. 

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