• Business Improvement Districts


    A business improvement district (BID) is a special purpose district created by a City at the request of area business owners, under the power of Wisconsin State Statute 66.608.  A BID serves the businesses of the area by carrying out a variety of activities including, but not limited to: advertising, event planning and marketing, design planning and assistance, streetscape improvements and business recruitment and retention.

    The City of Racine currently has three active BIDs which serve their business area by highlighting the unique and distinctive characteristics of the neighborhood and businesses.  For more information on current or potential BIDs please contact Devin Sutherland at devin@neighborhoodmanagementsolutions.com or 262-634-6002.

    Douglas Avenue BID

    The Douglas Avenue BID services the area along Douglas Avenue between Three Mile Road and State Street.

    Fore more information on the Douglas Avenue BID, please click here.


    Downtown Racine BID

    This BID is for the Downtown Racine area and is loosely bound by State Street on the north, Marquette and Root River on the west and Seventh Street on the south.

    For more information on the Downtown Racine BID, please click here.


    Uptown BID

    The Uptown neighborhood is an area along Washington Avenue loosely bounded between Tenth Street and Valley Drive, just east of Downtown.

    For more information on the Uptown BID, please click here.


    Archived Information on Previous BIDs

    For more information on previous or inactive BIDS, please click here.

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