• Requests for Proposals

    The City of Racine's Department of City Development advertises Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the following:

    • Proposals for developers of redevelopment properties
    • Proposals for consultant services such as:
      • Architect renderings
      • Brokerage services for real estate listings
      • Demolition and cleanup initiatives of blighted areas

    If you have any questions regarding the RFPs or other development opportunities please call the Department of City Development at (262) 636-9151.

    Current Requests for Proposals

    Request for Proposals:

    The City of Racine is accepting application for funding through the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), which provides formula grants to states and localities that communities use - often in partnership with local nonprofit groups and private developers - to fund a wide range of activities including building, buying, and/or rehabilitating affordable housing for rent or homeownership or providing direct rental assistance to low-income people.  It is the largest Federal block grant to state and local governments designed exclusively to create affordable housing for low-income households.


    Please review our HOME Request for Proposal which covers both rental and homeownership projects.  Applications and Project Workbooks specific to rental or homeownership projects are found below:


    HOME Rental Application 

    HOME Rental Workbook 

    HOME Homeownership Application 

    HOME Homeownership Workbook 


    Consultant Services

    There are currently no requests for proposals for consultant services at this time.

    Redevelopment Opportunities

    There are currently no RFPs for Redevelopment Opportunities.



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