District #12 News Item

Seasons Greetings

posted on Thursday, July 02, 2015.


From Alderman Henry Perez,
12 th District




I want to thank you for your continuous support as we strive to together make this an amazing city to live, work and play. May this Holiday Season find you well, especially as you look forward to a Prosperous New Year. The 12 th District is blessed to have statistically less crime and concerns than most other districts in the City. We were notified that the 12 th was the only district that was not considered poverty level in the City, by the Census.


We have had many contentious issues arise this year in the Council. I have been appointed to the Public Works Committee this year by the Mayor. This is one of three standing committees in the City. I was also reappointed to the Community Development Board.


Please feel free to contact me and give me your valuable input on any issue that is of concern to you.  You are invited to attend all Council and Committee meetings, watch it live on cable, or even see the archives on Belle TV. You can access the archives via the City web page.


The best way to get a hold of me is to e-mail me at Henry.Perez@cityofracine.org . You may also message me or call me at 305-989-6147. When you call please leave me a detailed message so I can try to get an answer for you by the time I return your call. These are some of the highlights of what has happened this year in the city and in our district.


Ohio Street


Speeding. There have been numerous complaints of speeding and dangerous conditions, especially for pedestrians, on Ohio Street by Lockwood Park. The street was reconstructed this year and is one of the nicest roads in the city. It even won an award from the State.


I have asked the police department to do selective traffic enforcement there. Two different studies have been conducted and have shown that 85 percent of the drivers in the area are speeding at least 10 miles over the speed limit. I have requested that we find a way to lessen the speeding in the area. This is currently under review by the Public Works Committee.


Washington Avenue


The traffic control box in the busiest intersection in the City, Ohio and Washington, over 41,000 cars a day, has been made unusable by a traffic crash. The electricity to the area has been restored and we await a box for the electronics. The box has to be custom made and has been priority ordered.




You may know that CVS Pharmacy has embarked on two different construction ventures in the City. One is scheduled and has been given the go ahead on Duran and Lathrop. The other one has been proposed on the corner of Washington and Ohio, where the American Coin Store is currently. There have been numerous objections and support for this business going up in this location. CVS plans on having another community meeting early in January to discuss their proposal. Please attend if possible or email me with your thoughts.




Lockwood continues to be one of the nicest and most used parks in the City. It recently underwent some reconstruction and the parking lot and some lighting issues have been addressed. It continues to be in focus as the lake is scheduled to also receive some DNR work.




About two dozen homes were flooded during our early spring rains. If you were flooded and did not contact the water department please do so now so that they can make better assessments of the problem and reassess the proposed solutions. We have had several meetings with the Water and Sewer Department. There is a proposed fix in the works. It is scheduled to begin within the next three years.




Halo has proposed to the City the buying and rehabbing of an apartment building that currently sits unused on Washington Avenue. They came before the Community Development Committee and asked for a grant which was denied. The Council sent it back to Committee for further review.




Police Chief Howell recently addressed the impact of the Ferguson decision with members of the community in a meeting at the Library. He pointed out that the City is at an all-time low in reported crime, since statistics were being kept. He attributed the success to the pioneers in Community Policing that have made this community a model for other departments to follow. He pointed out the hard work of past and present members of the community that contributed and continues to contribute to the success of the programs. We recently trained some out of state departments in the concepts.




The City continues to be involved in a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Acts lawsuit for allegedly giving preferential treatment to some members of the community and not to others. This will be ongoing.  


Blessings, contact me with your concerns.