District #12 News Item

September News Letter

posted on Thursday, September 10, 2015.

From Alderman Henry Perez,
12th District


 I want to thank you for your continuous support, the phone calls, emails, and encouraging words, as we strive to together make this an amazing City to live, work and play. May this time of year find you well, especially as you look forward to a new school year for the kids and fall, as I am reminded, as I look out my window, I see the trees are starting to change color and the leaves are falling. The 12 th District is blessed to have statistically less crime and concerns than most other districts in the City. We continue to grow in our area as new businesses come in.

 We have had many contentious issues continue to arise this year in the Council. This only shows that we are highly concerned for the future of our City and we believe that there are different ways to get there. I have been appointed to the Public Safety and Licensing Committee this year by the Mayor. This is one of three standing committees in the City. I was also reappointed to the Community Development Board.

 Please feel free to contact me and give me your valuable input on any issue that is of concern to you.  You are invited to attend all Council and Committee meetings, watch it live on cable, or even see the archives on Belle TV. You can access the archives via the City web page.

 The best way to get a hold of me is to e-mail me at Henry.Perez@cityofracine.org . You may also message me or call me at 305-989-6147. When you call please leave me a detailed message so I can try to get an answer for you by the time I return your call. These are some of the highlights of what has happened this year in the city and in our district. 

Ohio Street

  • Speeding. After many discussions and committee meetings the Council approved the purchase of two speed radar units that are temporarily affixed to poles and can read out your speed to let you know how fast you are going. These signs are run on Solar Power. They really should not be used to check your speedometer or to see how high you can make that number go.

 As it turns out they are a little glitchy, and not displaying the numbers properly. As of this writing, I asked that they be turned off until they could be fixed. I am anxiously awaiting their repair, especially since school started and the kids are out and about on Ohio, especially by Lockwood Park.

 You may have noticed, if you are going Southbound on Ohio at Washington Avenue, that there is a specific right turn lane onto Washington. I am letting you know because a lot of drivers have not noticed the "Right Turn Only" sign and have continued to go South on Ohio. I don't want you getting a traffic ticket!


 CVS was hoping to open a total of four stores in our community. One of the new stores is almost completed at the corner of Lathrop and Duran. The Lynch pin store was to be located at the corner of Washington and Ohio in our District. It would have been a 4 million dollar investment and about 400,000 dollars in taxes. They were not even asking for any monies from the City to make this investment. The plan was to make the corner safer and pull back the building to increase the visibility on that corner. After many debates and discussions and even arguments the plan was defeated at a Council meeting when Alderman Kaplan fell ill and left the meeting and through some procedural maneuvering President of the Council, Dennis Wiser, brought it up and it was voted upon and ended up being a tie vote. Major Dickert broke the tie and voted it down, even though earlier in the meeting we agreed to send it to a Committee where the whole Council could weigh in on it. As a result it appears that the CVS store on Washington and West End will be closing and the three other stores that CVS was going to bring to town will not happen. This leaves us with one CVS, and three empty buildings, possibly four, on the corner of Washington and Ohio, as Racine Cyclery has closed and the Coin Store may also move to another location. Thank you Mr. Oksiuta for your over 40 years of service to our community.


 As I said earlier we are blessed with some new business this year in our District. If you go by Fratt School on Kinzie, you will notice a new convenience store on the corner. It is called "For Your Convenience" . It carries groceries and school supplies and some sweets. Stop in and say Hello. 3425 Kinzie

 We also have a new Natural Health Clinic in the District on Lathrop and Washington. It is called Sana Apothecary Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Massage . They are a wonderful group of people, stop by if you can, they would love to meet you. 1228 Lathrop.

 Looking for a loan or want to make an investment, Associated Bank has opened a new branch at 5205 Washington Ave. They would love to get to know you. They are located in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.

 Hungry for Papa John's Pizza, it is right next door to Associated Bank. Opening any day now.

  Scores Sports Bar and Grill , a fun place to eat and watch sports is located at 4915 Washington Avenue.

 A lot of things have been going on in the District. Washington Avenue is being redone from Roosevelt to West End. Graceland Cemetery pond was redone. Streets were paved. Parks were upgraded and many more. Email me or call me if you want more info. Blessings, contact me with your concerns.