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City of Racine Unveils Tolemi

posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

City of Racine Unveils Tolemi

A powerful tool empowering renters to identify safe places to live

The City of Racine is proud to announce the public release of Tolemi, an innovative and user-friendly mapping tool to empower renters to make informed decisions about where to live. The tool enables renters to gain access to important property information like code violations, contributing to safer and healthier living options.

Jacob Pitsch, Data Analyst for the City of Racine shared his insights on implementing the tool stating “Tolemi enables renters to identify code violations and have access to more transparency about where to live. It facilitates informed decision-making with an easy-to-use interface including an address search. I’m excited to see how our residents use the tool and am eager to hear feedback that we can use to guide our efforts in future projects.”

Adele Edwards, Chief Information Officer expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm for her team. “I’m proud of my team’s work bringing this product to the City of Racine. Tolemi is equipped with a range of additional features that we will roll out at a later date.”

Residents are able to search by address or by clicking properties on the map to find detailed history about active and previous code violations.

Mayor Cory Mason released the following statement:

“I’d like to congratulate Adele Edwards and Jacob Pitsch for their work implementing Tolemi. It aligns perfectly with our goal of safe and healthy housing for all Racine residents, complimenting the success of the RENTS Initiative. We look forward to continuing to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in the rental market.”

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