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Starting tomorrow 6/16/2022

posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.


The city's consultant will be performing smoke testing of sewer pipes in the attached mapped areas starting tomorrow. Do not be alarmed, this process can make it appear as though there is something on fire, but in reality it is just a way to visually show the techs where potential leaks or cross connections in the sanitary and storm sewers exist and also shows potential leak areas that come out of the ground or from the downspout of a home or business.

Further information on the process can be read from the link below:

Smoke Testing Handout - Racine 2022

The specific areas that will be effected by this testing can be found in the following images and a more detailed view of the following images is also available upon opening any of the listed attachments immediately below:

Smoke Testing Echo Lane

Echo Lane

Smoke Testing Dekoven Center

Dekoven Center