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Resilient Communities Conversation

posted on Thursday, November 21, 2019.

On November 21, 2019, members of the Racine County Board of Supervisors, City of Racine Common Council, Village of Caledonia Board of Trustees, Village of Mount Pleasant Board of Trustees and Village of Sturtevant Board of Trustees convened for an informational briefing by the Wisconsin Policy Forum on its independent analysis and potential options for County and Municipal Parks & Recreation and Fire/EMS services. Below are links to the report and you can watch the presentation if you Click here




Below are links to the Reports from the Wisconsin Policy Forum:


Link: Options for Improving Parks & Recreation Services In Greater Racine


Link: Fire and EMS Services in Greater Racine Report




City leaders need to hear your thoughts on the information provided by Wisconsin Policy Forum. Please take this survey and share with your neighbors.


Link: Take the survey