News Item

The City of Racine is looking for our next Alder of the 15th District

posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2022.

Do you have to live within the District?

Yes, you must be a current resident of the 15th district. If you are unsure please call (262) 636-9171.

Will you have to run for re-elections?

While you may choose to not run for re-election if you would like to continue to hold the seat you will need to run for Alder of the 15th in the April 2023 election. For more information please contact the clerk’s office at (262) 636-9171.

Will I be required to attend night meetings?

This particular position does require night meetings. The first and third Tuesday of the month are the Common Council meetings, but you will be appointed to at least one standing committee and Committee of the Whole. With budget time approaching there will be night meetings that require your attendance.

What is the process for selecting an Alder of the 15th?

Applications are due to the clerk’s office by 5:00PM on September 27th. Once the deadline has passed a Committee of the Whole will be scheduled to interview the candidates in an open meeting. Once a Alder has been selected they will be sworn in and officially appointed at a Common Council meeting.

If I have questions who do I contact?

The City Clerk’s Office at or call (262) 636-9171.

Is this position paid?

Yes, $6,899.88 annually.